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Project details

The house was built in Iceland. A few years ago, we built a summer house for the client, and a few years later we built a house next to it.

Exterior finish: Vertical larch cladding and rolled sheet metal
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Sketch your design

To get started, simply sketch your ideas on a piece of paper and send them our way. Tiny houses often don't require planning permission or detailed drawings, but it's always good practice to check with your local council, as regulations vary from place to place.

Send it to us

Let's discuss how you'll use your tiny house and what features you need. We'll tap into our knowledge and experience to offer the best suggestions. We'll guide you through material choices and clever design touches to help you create the most functional and budget-friendly solution.

Let's make it modular

We'll transform your sketch into a modular construction plan. Our engineers will ensure it can be lifted as a single unit or divided into easily assembled modules. The goal of modular construction is to minimise the amount of on-site work required.