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About Us

Since our company’s founding, we’ve built up considerable experience in manufacturing prefabricated timber-frame houses and roof structures of all shapes and sizes. “Husline” produces homes using traditional Scandinavian building techniques.

The low-rise residential construction industry in Scandinavia has never been swayed by the “brick house boom.” By preserving their traditions and refining their techniques for timber homes, Scandinavians have perfected the art of creating light, economical, eco-friendly, and energy-efficient dwellings – what many simply call a Scandinavian house. We’re delighted to bring Scandinavian-quality homes to clients across Lithuania and the rest of Europe, thanks to years of collaboration with Norwegian and Swedish building experts.


We take pride in our framed panel houses, wooden structures, and innovative modular home projects – all reflected in our steadily increasing sales. As construction trends evolve, we’ve seen demand for our homes grow across Europe in recent years. Our primary markets include Germany, Norway, the United Kingdom, Iceland, Sweden, Italy, Spain, France, and the Netherlands.


Your ideas inspire us. Together, we craft Scandinavian-quality dream homes, combining your vision with our meticulous craftsmanship and years of expertise. We understand that every client has unique needs focused on quality and safety. Whether you bring us your own plans, desire bespoke finishing details, or wish to explore our architect-designed homes, you’ll be an integral part of the creative process.

Crafting Dreams

Our Journey

Vision: To be a leading force in the European (Baltic) timber frame house manufacturing industry, recognized for our commitment to quality, innovation (bespoke design), and sustainable practices. We envision a future where our bespoke timber frame houses stand as symbols of craftsmanship, reliability, and harmonious living. Give the client confidence and realize the client’s goals by working together to achieve the best result.


To build superior timber frame houses using Scandinavian expertise, designed to withstand harsh climates and fulfill unique client visions across Europe. We prioritize client satisfaction and foster strong partnerships with architects, developers, and suppliers.

Why choose us

We value our promises responsibly and adhere strictly to quality and time commitments.

We take maximum care of the client: we provide all kinds of assistance throughout the project.

A large professional team works with the client.

We ensure smooth cooperation with subcontractors.

The accumulated experience of more than ten years guarantees the professionalism of the team.

We work in an organized and responsible manner, therefore we meet all customer expectations.

We work with reliable long-term partners.

Prices are accurate – no hidden text and unexpected conditions.

We always acquaint customers with the price list of additional services.

We offer a price that matches the quality.

We work only with certified products and materials.

Quality materials determine the durability and quality of products and works.

Good quality – no additional costs.

We fulfill customers’ ideas by building bespoke houses according to individual drawings.

We generate creative and original ideas.

We place great emphasis on style and exclusivity.

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