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How We Work

our process

Stage 1

Design stage
Initial Enquiry & Cost Estimate

The client sends an enquiry to the Producer to get a preliminary quote. This could include basic drawings and key design details like wall thickness (U-values), finishes, and the building's location. The Producer may ask follow-up questions if needed. The preliminary offer will be ready in about a week, provided all necessary information is supplied by the client.

Step 01

Project Inquiry

Step 02

Securing Your Spot

Pre-Contract & Reservation

If the client is happy with the materials and estimated cost, the Project Manager prepares a Pre-Contract and requests a 5% reservation fee. This secures a place in the production schedule. The Pre-Contract must be signed and the 5% fee paid within 8 weeks of the quote. The price is based on the latest confirmed offer and may change if the client wants alterations. If the client delays (signs later than 8 weeks), the Producer can adjust the production slot depending on the schedule.

Finalising Drawings

Within a week of signing the Pre-Contract, the client should send their final AutoCAD drawings (or PDF if unavailable).

Step 03

Detailed Drawings

Step 04

Perfecting the Plan

Details & Confirmation

After receiving the drawings, the Project Manager will ask detailed questions to finalise the design and structure. This includes things like external cladding, windows, corner trims, etc. The client has around a week to provide answers and confirm these details.

Technical Drawings

Once the details are confirmed, Husline will update the client's drawings with agreed materials and construction choices. These are sent to the client for approval. These drawings are called Technical Drawings and are used to prepare Production Drawings. Some decisions may require structural changes, which will be discussed at this stage. The Technical Drawings will include a foundation plan with load-bearing points for the client to follow.

Step 05

Technical Blueprint

Step 06

Making it Official

Final Contract

Once the Technical Drawings are signed off, the Project Manager updates the materials list and price (if major changes were made) and prepares the Final Contract. This includes the exact production time, materials, cost, payment plan, and assembly start date. The client must sign the Contract and make a 20% advance payment within 5 weeks to confirm their place. The Producer reserves the right to postpone production start if there are client delays. The client agrees to the payment plan and makes payments on time.

Stage 2

Production and assembly
Production Drawings & Final Details

Once your Technical Drawings are approved, we'll create detailed Production Drawings for manufacturing. This usually takes about two weeks. Our software analyzes the design, and we may suggest minor changes to ensure the structure is sound. We'll work with you on these. No changes can be made after production drawings are finished. Extra charges may apply for late changes.

Step 07

Finalizing the Blueprint

Step 08

Production Begins

Manufacturing Begins

Production of the house components typically takes around 4 weeks. We'll confirm finishing materials (windows, doors, etc.) with you while production is underway. Windows can take 4-6 weeks to manufacture, so ordering early is key to avoid assembly delays.

Planning for the Build

About a week after production starts, we'll work with you to finalize the assembly plan. This includes: Utilities (electric, plumbing) Transport and how many trucks are needed Crane hire Accommodation for the build team It's your responsibility to organize the foundation, crane, accommodation, and have utilities ready on site. We'll let you know exact delivery dates. We'll use dedicated software to keep you updated on the project's progress.

Step 09

Getting Site-Ready

Step 10

Delivery Day

Delivery Day!

Your house components will arrive on the agreed date as per the contract. Please double-check all delivered materials and let us know immediately if anything is missing or not as ordered.


Building your home typically takes 6-10 weeks, depending on the size and complexity. Our team works 4-6 weeks at a time, then requires a 2-week break. During this break, you can arrange for things like electrics and plumbing to be installed. You're responsible for ensuring these other contractors work efficiently to avoid delays. If our team is unable to work, additional charges may apply.

Step 11

Watching it Come Together

Step 12

Quality Check

Quality Inspection

One week before completion, you'll inspect the work. Let us know of any issues so we can fix them.

Handover & Completion

Once everything is finished and any issues resolved, you'll sign the Project Completion Form. Congratulations! Your new house is now officially yours.

Step 13

Move-In Ready