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timber framed houses

We build Bespoke Timber Framed Houses according to your drawings and also offer Our Designs to choose from

To quote your project please email us the main drawings of the house – plans, elevations, sections with main dimensions, a specification of U values required, and a desirable kit package.

If you do not have drawings yet, take a look at our Completed Project Gallery for some ideas and inspiration or choose from Our Designs that we created in cooperation with architects.

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We strive to build our timber frame structures to the most significant level of precision and quality to guarantee durability, lower maintenance, long-term aesthetically pleasing appearance, and reduced heat loss characteristics

We have already built many living houses, flats, holiday lodges, garden offices, educational and care buildings using the timber frame method. While implementing bespoke designs we focus not only on the external unique look of the house but also follow the required specifications and materials. In our construction we by default use materials supplied by our reliable partners, however, all materials can be easily changed if required. The thermal performance of the house is a very important metric for the design. We achieve demanded U-values using our four standard wall construction types and adding adjustments if essential.

What is the cost of a timber framed house? What are the available kits? And what’s included?

Since we build houses according to your individual drawings – the estimate should be calculated for each project separately, taking into account the client’s needs. However, we often want to know at least a preliminary price to decide whether to choose a timber frame house or a brick house. As a result, we have carried out preliminary calculations for our type and configuration of houses for details. We have divided it into three main kits, which are usually in demand, so choose the one you like and you will know the preliminary cost of a timber frame house with such a set. The timber frame house kits show different options and their conditional prices, however, each kit can be adjusted to your needs. For the glossary of external elements of timber frame please refer to our blog.

Note: price ranges are the AVERAGE of 10 different sizes and types of houses, thus the actual price for each project may slightly vary.

  • MINI
  • MIDI
  • MAXI
300-400 €/m2
500-600 €/m2
700-900 €/m2
External Wall Framework
Roof Rafters Or Trusses With Tyvek Film + Air Gap
Partition Wall Framework
Full External Finish (Weatherboard, Window Trims, Mouse Band, Etc.)
Roof Cladding (Excl.Tiles And Welded Bitumen) With Rain Gutters And Soffit
Main Insulation In External Walls And Roof
Plastic Film + Internal Service Battens
Wooden Windows & External Doors
50 Mm Insulation Between Battens, Insulation In Partitions Plasterboard On All Walls & Ceiling
Foudation, Electricity & Plumbing, Cosmetic Inside Finish
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Our Design Concept

Choose what you like and build!

In partnership with architects, we designed timber frame house projects that you can choose from and no longer worry about the design stage itself. We carefully thought of the most popular and optimal sizes, layouts, and technical things and put them in these designs. Choose and Build!