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Custom Timber Roof Trusses

What is worth knowing about wooden roof trusses?

These are industrially manufactured roof structures. Wooden roof trusses and rafters are made to order and can be used for everything from garages to large extensions.

Why choose wooden roof trusses?

  • This is an extremely strong product. The manufacturing process uses a press to connect the wood with perforated steel serrated plates. This creates a rigid joint and an extremely strong, durable structure.
  • Ecological. We use only natural, high-quality graded structural timber.
  • Economical. 40% less wood is used compared to traditional roof construction.
  • No additional storage or unloading space is required on the construction site. The trusses are completely ready for installation.
  • Reduced production time and cost costs. Especially relevant when you want to cover the roof quickly.

What are the advantages of wooden roof trusses?

Eco and sustainable

Wood is a natural and environmentally friendly building material. Spans of up to 24 m can be covered with trusses of traditional forms. Software calculations are extremely accurate, so the probability of errors is minimal. In the production of our trusses, we use only high-quality graded structural wood and certified nail plates supplied by MITEK.

Savings in cost and time

The use of specialized equipment optimizes raw materials and production costs so that 40% less wood is used to produce trusses compared to traditional roof construction. The production lasts only 1-3 days and is not affected by weather conditions. Assembly of a single dwelling roof construction takes 1-3 days.

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